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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Everything. We like everything about this Pharmacy. The staff are always friendly and knows how one medication will react with, or against, another. We haven't had it explained to us in the past. That's why my wife and I stay with Maiden Drug."

"Store hours"

"Love Maiden's . Been a customer for about 40 plus years. Love Roger, Jonathan, and all the employees. Don't know what I would do without them."

"That they remember my name and my husband's name. The staff is very friendly and has helped me manage my prescriptions or answered questions that I have had. I also appreciate how the pharmacists treat you like family and not just a number."

"Personal attention and service"

"Next door and handy"


"Small size"

"Family owned and operated. Excellent service."

"Everyone is always so friendly!"

"You are always willing to give needed information and advice on different medical situations."

"Location and the people."


"A little slice of the ever-so-rare, fleeting, trustworthy, hometown smiles and service."

"Personal service."

"No one else can compare to the quality of service that Jonathan and Roger and the rest of their staff offer!! I give 10 stars out of 5!!"

"Best in the county"

"Jonathan and Roger know my name; I'm not just a number!"

"The pharmacists and staff"


"Friendly; they will help you"

"Size and location"

"The honesty and trustworthiness of your associates, and you make somebody feel like you really care."

"The friendly people"

"Being treated like family, very friendly, smiles, and personable."

"Great service"

"Pleasant atmosphere; wonderful and helpful staff"

"Family atmosphere; they genuinely care about their customers just like family."

You can help Maiden Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!